Econappies: An Alternative to a Diaper Service

Here in Ireland, you don't hear about 'diaper services'. In more densely populated countries, diaper services deliver washable nappies to the home, collect the used ones, and wash them for reuse. People like them because they take the drudgery out of using washables, and you don't have to struggle with loads of wet nappies that won't dry in time. If you don't like washables or the just don't work for you, you can cancel the service without any penalty, and without being left with loads of nappies you don't want.

Where users live far apart, the fuel used and time cost of running the service upset the environmental balance, making it a questionable practice that is too expensive. Fewer subscribers means that an environmental product is rarely used, so it won't help the environment.

There used to be one such service in Dublin, called "Katie's Diaper Service". It shared equipment at the Kelso Laundry in Rathmines, Dublin 6. Unfortunately, when Kelso ceased trading, Katie's were unable to find another laundry with whom they could work.

This was in the 1990s, and the demise of Katie's Diaper Service and the impossibility of finding a replacement left environmentally conscious parents 'in the lurch'.

Enter the Moltex Eco Nappy from Germany. Since then, many tens of thousands of families have been able to enjoy the convenience of home-delivered eco-friendly nappies. They can care for their babies in the best way that fits their busy lifestyle, and at the same time look after the environment. Their nappies are extra kind to the baby's skin too, and nappy rash should not occur at all.

Best of all, Eco Nappies are cost-effective. They are so absorbent that you should be able to use fewer of them, and in many areas they can be disposed of in municipal Brown Bin Composting Schemes.

Don't take our word for it. Check out the awards won by the nappy and by the home delivery service.

So while there may not be a diaper service in Ireland, there certainly is an "Eco Nappy Service".