Bleeding Nappy Rash, Tea Leaves and Our First Customer. What's the Connection?



Image of Green Tea by Forest and Kim Starr

When we introduced the Eco Nappy to Ireland in the mid '90s, the launch was at a baby show at Dublin's RDS. We handed out free sample packs left, right and centre. We had no idea if the nappy was any good, but it came from Germany, so that gave us confidence. We didn't know how people would react to the samples or if we would get any feedback at all. Our future business was in the balance.

On the Tuesday after that long weekend, we got a call from a young mum. She tearfully told us how her baby girl had a bad case of nappy rash. By bad, we mean REALLY bad. So bad that her skin bled, and no cream, powder or nappy had helped in the full six weeks since she had been born. There had been numerous visits to the GP, and home visits by the Public Health Nurse. Nothing had helped at all.

Until, that is, she tried the Moltex Eco Nappy. The samples we had given her had helped immediately. Overnight, the baby had settled, and she was 'on the mend'. Mum and baby started to get more sleep. The rash started to clear up over the weekend. Then the free samples ran out, and the rash started to return overnight. This prompted the tearful call to us. She desperately needed more Moltex Ecos for her little one.

We were on her doorstep in no time at all, and a long relationship ensued.

This was our first customer. She had a very limited income. When we delivered the nappies, she paid with coins she had collected in a glass jam-jar on a kitchen shelf.

At least we knew the Moltex Eco Nappy was good. We could relax. As long as we put in the hours, the Eco Nappy would sell itself. That is exactly what happened.

In the world of babies and nappies, word of mouth remains a most powerful force, and with a good product and service and happy customers telling their friends, our sales grew and grew.

But why the connection with Tea Leaves?

Moltex have included Tea Leaf extract in their Eco Nappy. Yes, this is the same "Camellia Sinensis", or Green Tea that we know is so popular as a drink. There are good reasons for it being in the nappy. Green Tea is safe enough to drink, so there are no worries from that viewpoint. It also has powerful anti-odour qualities that have been recognized for centuries.

Only recently have scientists identified the naturally-occurring substances in Green Tea that work so well against nasty-smelling chemicals like ammonia. As you may already know, bacteria acting on urine can create ammonia. It doesn't just smell bad, it can really irritate baby's skin. In severe cases the skin will peel and bleed, and of course it is really painful for the little baby.

Tea Leaf extract is also anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, so the skin will be less irritated in general, and will recover more quickly from injury. For these reasons it is becoming more popular in skin care products. That means safe, effective skin care using natural products that are renewable. For more information on the science behind Green Tea Leaf Extract and its benefits click here.

We are so happy that Green Tea Leaf Extract is a safe, natural and renewable ingredient in the Moltex Eco Nappy, and that it has helped so many parents have a happier time with their babies.

You and your baby should enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that the Moltex Eco can bring!